Learn the Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices to keep your business growing with the power of kwVideo. These tutorials will help you to create high-quality videos and answer most of the questions you may have about getting started.

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How to Login or Create a Free kwVideo Account

Every Keller Williams agents has a free account to kwVideo. Simply log in using your OneLogin credentials are you're all set. .

How to Activate your YouTube Channel

If your profile does not show a Google Account or Manage YouTube Videos button then make sure you have created a YouTube Channel. This video will show you how.

How to link kwVideo with your YouTube (Google) Account

Watch this Step by Step tutorial on how to link your KWVideo account with your preferred YouTube channel.

How to Choose Between Multiple YouTube Channels

If you have several Gmail accounts (ex: one for work, one for personal, several more for various organizations) this videos shows you how you can choose which YouTube channel you want to send your kwVideos to.

How to Relink or Change your Google Account

Want to link your kw Video subscription to a different Google account? No problem

How to Create a kwVideo (Mobile App)

kwVideo provides the scripts, the animations, the editing and distribution all in minutes! Learn how to make videos on your Apple device.

How to Create a kwVideo Using the Website

On the go or at your office. You can make kwVideos anywhere. Learn how to make them on your computer using our website.

How to Create a Listing Video (Mobile App)

With the kwVideo App, you can create listing videos in minutes! The App automatically pulls images from the KWLS feed into the App for you! You can also use your own images. Watch this video to see how easy it is.

How to Create a Custom Video

This feature allows you to create videos inside of the mobile App that are entirely branded to you. Some common uses for this feature are client testimonial videos, welcome videos to your website or YouTube channel videos.

How to Create a Slideshow Video

You can use the kwVideo app to select photos from your device, then create a slideshow video by adding your voice and music. Just another great feature that kwVideo as to offer its members.

How to Embed a kwVideo Onto a Website

So you've created your awesome video. Now what do you do with it? If you want to put it on your website, this video will teach you how.

How to Embed the kwVideo Playlist on a Website

Learn how to embed not just one video, but your entire video playlist onto your website!

How to Share Videos from YouTube

Now that you've created your video and have linked your account to YouTube, learn how to share them with your clients and other agents.

How to Download Your Video from YouTube or the Website

Your videos are yours to keep. Learn how to download your videos form the website and your mobile device.

How to Send a kwVideo in an eEdge Email Touch

Take full advantage of the eEdge tool by incorporating your kwVideos into your touch campaigns.

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